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Anti Dandruff Hair Hydration Propolis Mint Treatment Kit 3 Itens - Bio Extratus

Complete Bio Extratus Anti-Dandruff Treatment And Hydration Kit The most potent natural and technological actives in a line with proven anti-dandruff action, which maintains the health and hydration of the hair. Healthy, clean and hydrated hair offers immediate hydration, without weighing down the hair.

PROPOLIS It has several biological and therapeutic properties. Used in the treatment of wounds and oral infections. It is also used as an antimycotic (antifungal) and healing agent.
MINT Astringent and refreshing, it helps to treat dandruff. ZINC PYRITHYNATE The most recognized anti-dandruff agent in the world acts directly on the fungus that causes dandruff.
PIROCTONE OLAMINE Special anti-dandruff active for leave-in products.

01-Shampoo Treatment, cleaning and hydration 250ml
Reduces excess oil without drying. Cleans and treats, with 100% hydration.

01-Conditioner Treats And Conditions Without Weighing 250ml
Perfect to complement the treatment – ​​it offers immediate hydration, without weighing down the hair.

01- Intensive Treatment Lotion 100ml
The stimulating lotion fights dandruff and leaves a feeling of cleanliness and freshness. It should be applied directly to the scalp, after washing and conditioning the hair. No need to rinse and can be used daily.