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Anti Hair Fall Growing Shampoo Caffeine's Therapy 240ml - Magic Science

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It acts by stimulating the hair follicles (which have not reached the healing phase), present in the scalp, promoting a potent ANTIQUEDA EFFECT, CAPILLARY GROWTH and INCREASED NUMBER OF WIRES, when associated with scalp massage.

Elaborated through scientific research, which made it possible to obtain patented biotechnology capable of benefiting the entire hair growth cycle, it demonstrated in the safety and efficacy tests required by ANVISA 100% effectiveness in the anti-fall effect (Percentage of people who participated in the studies and perceived the results), considerable increase in the number of threads and growth stimulus.

How to Use:
This shampoo is intended for topical (local) use and should be applied to the scalp. If the wires are too dirty, repeat the wash. Then, place a sufficient amount in the palm of your hand, spread it out and apply it to the HAIRLESS LEATHER, massaging it carefully with your fingertips, to activate the microcirculation. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse well. Finish as usual.
Click on the link below and watch the video with tips on how to use it:
Application form for women (at least 2 to 3 times a week):
Form of application for men (daily use):

-01 Magic Science Anti Hair Fall Shampoo Caffeine's Therapy 240ml