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Anti-Rubber Deep Repair Shield Instant Nutrition 3 Minutes Mask 500g - Ykas

by Ykas

Ykas 3 Minutes Nutrition Mask has a rich formula that restores the health of hair fiber from the inside and creates a protective film around the hair so that they do not suffer the harmful effects of chemical and daily aggression.

With features like Coconut Oil, Panthenol and Quinoa Hydrolyzed Protein. It provides vitality, lipid balance, intense nutrition for dry hair, prevents aging and loss of elasticity.

How to Use:
After washing your hair with Ykas 3 Minutes Shampoo remove excess water with the aid of a towel. Apply Ykas Nutrition Mask 3 Minutes strand by strand, starting at the tips gently massage the strands. Let it take 3 to 5 minutes with or without heat source. Rinse and finish as desired.

-01 Ykas Anti Rubber Nutrition Mask 500g