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Argan Progressive Brush Hair Straightening Reducer Kit 2x1L - Royal Professional


Straightens 100% of the wires in the first application without the need for chemical relaxation, recovering broken hair and eliminating frizz completely! Compatible with any type of chemistry: henna, coloring, finishing, cauterization, capillary decongestion, all types of relaxation, tinting, highlights, highlights, product does not stain dyed or discolored hair! With innovative technology following progressive, the world leader in progressive brand pro active has as its principles the high esteem of Brazilian women. The progressive pro active pro argan smoothes the hair 100% right from the first application, hydrating and strengthening hair by hair, fighting the fall caused by the wear of the hair bulb due to many chemical processes. Its powerful formula has 6x more argan oil, 5x more keratin, 5x more collagen, 3x more vitamin E, 3x more vitamin A, and the super innovation 8x more elastin than the "known brands in Brazil". Smooth, strength, shine, hydration, all in one product. In addition to being super consistent, the progressive pro active pro argan yields 23 applications on medium hair, as it contains live pro actives that makes the reducing gloss penetrate more easily between the hair strands. Original and factory sealed product for your safety!

How to use:
1 - Apply the anti-residue Shampoo on wet hair, gently massaging the scalp, rubbing against the entire length of the strands; 2 - Rinse thoroughly and repeat this process if necessary; 3 - After using the anti-residue shampoo, dry your hair 100%; 4 - Divide them into four parts and start applying the product from the back of the neck; 5 - Wait about 10 minutes; 6 - Dry the hair 100% with the aid of the dryer in cold air; 7 - Plank strand by strand in thin strands.

01 - Royal Pro Argan Anti Residue Shampoo - 1000ml;
01 - Royal Pro Argan Volume Reducing Treatment - 1000ml. (Contains formaldehyde)