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Bala de Prata (Silver Bullet) Blond Nuance Kit 2x500ml - Madamelis


The Bala de Prata Blond Nuance Kit acts in the blonde hair eliminating the undesirable yellowish and orange shades gradually.
Its effect leaves the hair in greyish / platinum tones without harming the wires like other toners. Made with Argan Oil, Grape Seed Oil and Keratin, it provides intense moisturizing to blond hair while tint.

How to use:
-Apply the Silver Bullet Shampoo to damp hair a little and then rinse. Apply again if necessary.
-To complete the tint and neutralize the yellow effect, apply the Silver Bullet Mask over the hair for a few minutes and when it reaches the desired color then rinse.
-The pause time with the product in the hair will depend on each type of hair, watch the color of the hair while the product acts, and increase the time gradually, because the result is gradual.

TIP: For very light hair, if you prefer, mix a little bit of the silver bullet tinting mask with white cream to reduce the potency of the tinting.

01 - Silver Bullet Matizator Shampoo 500ml;
01 - Silver Bullet Matizator Mask 500ml.