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Anti Yellow Ultra Blue B-Deep Hair Mask Blond Matiz Platinum Tinting Mask 500ml - ProSalon

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Promotes perfect sealing of cuticles, restoration and repair of hair. It is the perfect straightening for blond and discolored hair, as it straightens while tinting the hair. It has a violet texture with "Ultra Blue" and "Anti Yellow" that neutralizes the unwanted yellow of the light strands, returning the platinum and maintaining the blond tone and balanced color.

Ultra Blue and Violet specific for light hair, brightening yellowish hair. Its action neutralizes unwanted yellow tones, reviving the color and preventing the fading of hair. Enriched with polyphenols and organic acids associated with natural resins, they promote sealing, conditioning and hair nutrition. Made with Cocoa with excellent emollient, nourishing and shine-giving properties that surround the hair as a protective film, restoring the natural look on the hair leaving it light and loose. 

How to use:
After washing the hair with the deep cleansing shampoo, apply the Deep Hair Mask Mask to the full length of the hair. Wait 20 to 40 minutes, rinse and finish as desired.

Yellowish tones neutralized, deeply nourished and hydrated hair. With perfect wire sealing, the product further reduces volume and eliminates frizz. Returns the shine and movement of the wires.

01 - ProSalon BDeep Hair Mask Matiz Tinting Ultra Blue Anti Yellow Mask 500ml