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BB Deep Hair Mask Organic 250g - Ykas

by Ykas

Hair alignment mask for all hair types. Ykas BDeep Hair Mask Organic Mask Pro Repair repairs and nourishes the wires while controlling the volume with smooth effect and eliminating frizz.

It has restorative actives that help restore the structure of the hair fiber, moisturizing ingredient as well as nourishing oils to replenish essential substances. Your hair is recovered, soft and shiny, with straight hair, less volume and no frizz.

Repair Age: A blend of keratin structural proteins and amino acids, responsible for damage repair, replacement of lost hair mass, strength and endurance.

Ojon Oil: It has antioxidant and nourishing power. Thus, it prevents degradation by premature aging of hair.

Contains glyoxylic acid and carbocysteine.

How to Use:
1 - Wash your hair with anti-waste shampoo of your choice, and it is recommended to let it act for a few minutes during shampooing. If necessary, repeat the process.
2 - Rinse well the shampoo and then dry 70% to 100% of the wires with the dryer.
3 - Apply BDeep Hair Mask Organic Pro Repair Mask on the wires. Use a comb to spread the product evenly and already leave the hair straight. It is important that the application of the product is done keeping a distance of 1cm to 2cm from the scalp.
4 - Let it act for 30 minutes if the hair is wavy or less resistant. Or 60 minutes for crisp, sturdier yarns.
5 - Then rinse the hair well. Remove 70% to 100% of the product, depending on whether the wires are sturdier or not.
6 - Finally, dry, make a smooth brush and flatten thin strands 7 to 10 times, using the flat iron at a temperature between 180ºC and 190ºC. It is important that the board is well executed so that the smooth effect of wire alignment is successful.

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