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Be(M)dita Ghee Vegetable Butter Capillary Treatment Mask 3x350g - Lola Cosmetics


Hair schedule kit for brittle, dry and porous hair. Lola Cosmetics Be (M) Said Ghee Capillary Schedule hydrates, nourishes and rebuilds the hair.

Lola Cosmetics Be(M)dita Ghee Capillary Schedule has texture of coconut water-based vegetable butter. Returns moisture, lipids and amino acids to the hair fiber to ensure vitality, softness and strength.

Be(M)dita Ghee Hidration Banana 350g
Banana, Jojoba Oil, and Algae: With protein-rich actives, they act from the inside out of the hair to increase hydration resistance and durability in weaker areas.
Aloe Vera: Facilitates the entry of nutrients into the hair fiber to intensify treatment.

Be(M)dita Ghee Nutrition Pineapple 350g
Pineapple and Bacuri and Cocoa Butter: Remineralizing, replenishes nutrients to make strands more resilient and provide healthy growth.

Be(M)dits Ghee Reconstruction Papaya 350g
Papaya, Amino Acids and Vegetable Keratin: Remineralizing, regenerate the hair fiber from the inside to regain strength, elasticity and suppleness.

How to Use:
With clean hair, remove excess water with a towel. Separe about 2 to 3 tea spoons from the mask, place on hands and mix. Apply length to the ends of the hair and let it act for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse. No need to use conditioner.

-01 Lola Cosmetics Be(M)dita Ghee Hydration Mask 350g
-01 Lola Cosmetics Be(M)dita Ghee Nutrition Mask 350g
-01 Lola Cosmetics Be(M)dita Ghee Reconstruction Mask 350g