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Best Smooth Royal Power Premium Organic Protein Hair Treatment 1L - Naturelle


With components derived from amino acids, vegetable and organic proteins, Royal Power Premium Best Smooth has a smaller molecular structure for greater absorption and performance on the hair, resulting in a high bio-affinity with the hair fiber.

Best Smooth technology combines the restorative power of amino acids with plant proteins. This union provides a magnificent result of intensive protection and immediate restoration through the biopolymers of seaweed and clay, guaranteeing the hydration and nutrition of the threads during the straightening process. It is a totally safe product and can be used on all types of hair, including pregnant women and children (upon medical release).

In addition, it offers natural tinting power through violet pigments, taken from the blue orchid. Totally vegetable, it promotes tinting and nutrition at the same time. Keeps blond, gray and bleached hair even more nourished and preserves the color of natural hair.

How to use:
-With unwashed hair, apply the product strand by strand keeping a distance from the scalp. 
-Leave on for 50 minutes.
-Rinse, dry and flat iron.

-01 Best Smooth Royal Power Premium Organic Protein Hair Treatment 1L