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Bio Redun Prolonged Hair Treatment Progressive Brush 2x1L - Madamelis


Madame Lis Bio Redun Progressive Brush is a thermal capillary restructuring and traditional realignment for immediate yarn reconstruction that deeply moisturizes and conditions the threads while leaving them smooth and shiny.
Provides hair without frizz and perfectly smooth. With the products of the line, the professional hairdresser performs the technical service, which promotes hair repair from the inside out and helps transform the damaged wires into smooth, shiny and fully lined hair. Deeply restored, luminous and soft hair.
The formula contains essential oil-based microspheres that, when heated with hair or putty, release their natural active ingredients with a high content of antioxidant and moisturizing ingredients, which act as a reducing agent and provide realignment of the capillary surface giving the hair a temporarily smooth and disciplined effect.

Hot to use:
-With wet hair apply the Bio Redun MadameLis Anti-Residual Shampoo by gently massaging the scalp. Let it act for a few minutes and repeat the operation for total residue cleaning and cuticle dilation. Remove all Redon MadameLis Bio AntiResiduo Shampoo from the hair.
-Dry the hair completely, for the application of Step 2 Reconstructor Bio Redun MadameLis in this way the hair will obtain a better absorption of the properties.
-Apply the Bio Redun MadameLis Reconstructor (step2) in thin rovings of the root to the tips, remembering to always leave half a centimeter away from the scalp.
-Let the Bio Redun MadameLis Reconstructor (step2) run for 20 to 40 minutes. (Pause period depends on hair type)
-After the break, remove the product from the lavatory using only water.
-Make an excellent brush until you notice that the wires are 100% dry.
-Separate hairs in fine rovings and wick board to wick for at least 15 times.
-In blond hair use the board with the temperature from 180 ° c to 220 ° c
-After all the steps performed, wash the hair using a reconstructive mask. Rinse and finish as desired.

01 - Anti-Reducing Shampoo Bio Redun MadameLis 1 L
01 - Progressive MadameLis Bio Redun 1 L