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Bio Tanix Hair Keratin Home Care Treatment 4 Products - Prime Pro


With its new FORCE-PLASTIA formula, an EXTREME BIO TANIX line is the toughest type of hair, the volume and frizz elimination in the first piece are more yellowish than the clearest and most lost hair. The new formula has essential assets for the complete recovery of yarn straightening and nutrition in complete safety. Say goodbye to aggressive rocks and preservatives. With BIO TANIX EXTREMA the hair gains a more natural air, with intense brightness and safe and free of aggressions.

BioTanix Extreme Home Care was developed to prolong the effect of physical conditioning, keeping the wires much brighter. Its use is of extreme importance for the longer duration of treatment, so get yours now.

All products are dermatologically tested.

Tannic: Natural composition extracted from the Black Acacia Tree. Being an environmentally friendly product is not safe for a health. It acts on the hair releasing the Hydrogen and providing the smooth effect. Phenolic compound, derived from the secondary metabolism of plants; Defined as water-soluble polymers that precipitate proteins; Pharmacological Properties: Antioxidants, Astringents, Hemostatics, Healing, Antiseptic, among others; Responsible for the imbalance of the sulfur chains, supporting the natural shape of the wires, leaving them smooth after the mechanical operation.

Lactic: Decrease the resistance of the keratin chain, facilitating a new shape of yarn; Sequestering agent, pH regulator and acidifying agent.

Hyaluronic: Anti-aging action; Fills as cuticular fissures; Form an external film that helps maintain hydration; Helps preserve capillary energy; It keeps the wire healthy, with natural, flexible and very bright.

Keratin: It is a three-dimensional fibrous protein, constituted by about 21 amino acids, its molecular structure confers the special characteristics: micro filaments with resistance, elasticity and impermeability to water. Keratin is intended for the replenishment of energy, lost daily by aggressions of solar radiation and pollution.

Luna Matrix: An Active of which the phases of the cut, the fineness and the softness of the hair and the extras extracted by the chemical or mechanical methods (brush, flat, etc.); Internal and external restoration of hair fiber.

Violet 43: In the formula that binds the active actives, the essential oils and the purple and blue pigments result in a treatment that avoids the yellowing of the threads. Flavonoids, which absorb a lot of solar UV radiation, work as a sunscreen, protecting them from an energy system by avoiding the wires.

-Premium Shampoo 300ml
-Premium Conditioner 300ml 
-Premium Leave In 250ml
-Premium Mask 250g