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Bio Tanix Impact PRO Mask 80g - Prime Pro

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PRIME’s research and development team has designed the Impact Mask with web effect, which has a function of facilitating the distribution and absorption of product, reconstructing damaged and dry hair, replacing lost mass in porous hair and providing intense shine leaving hair healthy and soft.

Guide Service – Step by step
Treatment Impact Mask
Experience the benefits of this product and increase the profitability of your salon.

Wash hair with PRIME Purifying Shampoo and remove excess water.

Prepare the necessary amount for application and apply layer by layer. Let rest for 5 to 10 minutes. If you prefer to maximize best results, use PRIME Hair Care ampoules.

After the rest period, rinse with plenty of water to remove excess residue.

Style and finish as desired and use PRIME Thermal Protectant when using a blow dryer.

Sunflower Oil: rich in vitamins A, B, C and, in addition to containing various minerals like iron, potassium and calcium, it is a powerful cuticle restorer, which helps maintain the water level in the wires.
Shea Butter: An active nobleman that strengthens the hair fiber, protects against chemical damage and against solar radiation.
Marine algae: found in the deep waters of the Pacific, being rich in amino acids, proteins, minerals and trace elements, promote the restoration of the lipid process and a complete reconstruction of the hair.
With this blend of innovative assets, we offer a mask with high nutrition and restoration power in chemically treated, damaged or dry hair.

Its antioxidant action enhances and gives shine to the threads. End your treatment with Impact Mask and get extreme results.