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Bio Tanix Protein Repair Mask and Volume Reducer 1kg - Prime Pro

Protein Repair Hair Reducer offers an exclusive complex of nutrients, amino acids and a blend of noble oils. Its action fills the hair fiber with low molecular mass replacement, allows the complete recovery of the damaged yarns by chemical and mechanical damages, acts where more hair needs care forming a protective layer, maintaining the hydration and sealing of the cuticle. In addition to the most complete treatment, it provides natural looking wire realignment and a high lipid replenishment power found in Ojon. The visual result is silky hair, full of shine, Ideal for all types of hair.

How to Use:
-After washing the hair, dry 50% of the threads with a towel and divide it into 4 equal parts.
-Apply wick to the disciplining mask with the aid of a thin comb, leaving a break time of 30 minutes and may be longer depending on the structure of the wire.
-Given the break time, rinse your hair with plenty of water, dry and brush the strands by activating the intense glow and satiny touch.
-If you want a greater reduction of frizz, clip the hair in thin wicks 5 to 10 times with the board at 200 ° C (blond 180 ° C) always plucking more the root and less the tips.

Tannic Acid: Extracted from Black Acacia, it acts on the hair releasing hydrogen and providing the smooth effect. It has antioxidant properties, astringent, hemostatic, healing, antiseptic and others. It does not pose a health risk. Responsible for the imbalance of the sulfur chains, allowing to transform the natural form of the fibers, leaving them smooth after mechanical traction.

Lactobionic Acid: Lactobionic acid acts as a powerful antioxidant, reducing potential damage from oxidation. It is derived from lactose, a naturally occurring milk sugar, and can be classi fi ed as a complex polyhydroxy acid with potent antioxidant and wetting properties.

Hyaluronic Acid: Anti-aging action. It fills the cuticle. It forms an outer film that helps maintain hydration. Helps preserve the integrity of fibers as well as capillaries. Keeps your skin healthy, with a natural, fl exible look and lots of luster.

Ojon: Vegetable oil extracted from the fruit of Oliveira, a Mediterranean tree. Obtained by pressing only at low temperatures, the oil is mechanically filtered. It has high content of antioxidant substances, restores the wires, giving softness and shine.

Coconut Oil: It is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, having as one of its advantages the immediate absorption by the roots providing a deep hydration, carries into the end its nutrients and particles of water. Improves the health of the scalp and bones, as it replenishes protein and lipid fat, acting on the exocutula (second layer of the bone).

Monoi oil:
rich in lipids, it restores the natural oiliness of the hair, acts deeply in the nose by repairing the damage caused by the heat of the dryer or board and prevents the water from leaving the layers of the hair preventing the water loss caused by the excess heat of the board and of the dryer.
Macadamia oil: with its regenerative action, helps eliminate frizz and disentangle all types of hair with intense nutrition and long lasting. Responsible for the alignment of cuticles through the high potential of Omega 7.

Jojoba Oil: Contains nutrients such as copper, zinc, silicon, iodine, vitamin E, B-complex acids and vitamins, powerful for renewal, growth and fall of the bones. With high moisturizing power.

Mirra oil: it is a purifying and nourishing agent responsible in the care of the scalp avoiding the fall and fortifying the root.
Abyssinian oil: extracted from the native Crambe Abyssinian plant of Africa is rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 promotes elasticity at the end with deep repair to capillary fiber giving glow and softness to the hair.

Coconut Milk Protein: Contains all the coconut proteins, calcium and minerals needed to care for dry and damaged hair, it has a moisturizing and moisturizing action. Ideal for treating dry and mistreated towels by chemical processes or excessive use of the iron.

Pearl Powder: Rich in minerals and amino acids, and bring many benefits such as nutrition, protection, moisturizing and immediate lifting effect. It is suitable for all types of chemically treated and damaged hair.