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BioLiso Organic Sealing Blond Realignment Smoothing Kit 2x1L - Thyrre Cosmetics


Thyrre Cosmeticos Blond Bioliso Anti Residue Shampoo promotes a gentle cleansing of the scalp, eliminating the residues accumulated in everyday life, without harming the wires, in addition to keeping the hair sanitized, protecting against dryness and helping to open the cuticle to receive the Blond Organic Sealing.

How to use: Apply on damp hair, gently massaging the scalp and rubbing along the entire length of the strands. Rinse and repeat this process for better results, letting it act for another 20 (twenty) minutes. Rinse thoroughly until all excess shampoo is removed.

The Progressive Blond Bioliso Mirrored Thyrre has an effective technology that provides the hair with an absolute and immediate smooth effect, the Sealing will promote a complete treatment for the hair, leaving your hair aligned and rebuilt. Contains Coconut Oil and Acid Blend that provide a natural and shiny smoothness, in addition to volume reduction. Organic Sealing allows illuminated, platinum and tinted wires.

How to use: After washing the hair, with Anti Residue Shampoo, remove the excess water from the hair. Divide into 4 parts and start application at the back of the neck, respecting 1 cm from the root, apply in thin strands. Let it act for an hour. Rinse 50%. Proceed with brushing and plate the thin strands of 8 to 15 times each strand, following the temperature indicated for the type of hair. Finish as you wish.

1 Active Sealing BioLiso Mirrored 1000ml
1 Deep Cleansing Anti-Residue Shampoo 1000ml