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Bioliss Smoothing Straightening Formol Free Progressive Brush Kit 2x1L - Onixx

by Onixx

Suitable for all types of hair. With excellent results in Afro Hair.
Promotes 100% healthy straightening.
Actives: Glyoxyloil Amino Keratin + K10 Complex.

High Straightening Power - We recommend the strand test to achieve the best results

1 - Wash the hair with Shampoo pH9 as many times as necessary for the perfect opening of the cuticles;
2 - Dry the hair with a towel;
3 - Apply the Gloss, leave 1 cm away from the scalp, spread with a fine comb throughout the hair;
4 - Pause for 40 minutes for chemically treated hair and 50 minutes for Afro and Virgin hair;
5 - Rinse the entire product, only with water;
6 - Plank in very thin strands, at least 12 times in each strand, at a temperature of 200°C.
Product not recommended for pregnant women and children unless authorized by a doctor.

How to Use:
1- wash your hair with pH9 dilating shampoo as many times as necessary for the perfect opening of the cuticles.
2- Dry your hair 100%.
3- Apply the modifier gloss, spreading with a fine-tooth comb.
4- Pause for 40 minutes, for afro hair for 50 minutes.
5- Rinse the hair removing all the product, always keeping them aligned downwards.
6- Dry the hair, brush and flat iron at least 12 times on each very thin strand with the flat iron at a maximum of 200°C.

-01 Bioliss Shampoo 1L
-01 Bioliss Gloss 1L