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Biometric Shielding Intensive Repair 500g - Forever Liss

Biometric Shielding promotes lightness, softness and hydration to extra fragile wires. Rich formulation of amino acids, Tamariliz®, keratin, castor oil and D'Pantenol®. This blend of active ingredients is rich in proteins and vitamins, has antioxidant action, film-forming, disciplinating and soothing capillary cuticle. It replenishes all the nutrients lost by chemical processes, leaving the wires loose, soft and shiny.
RESULT: Strong, healthy, soft yarns with natural luster. 

- Suitable for chemically treated hair;
- Reduces damage that promotes structural changes in fiber (loss of nutrients, dryness and yarn breakage);
- Promotes the replacement of matter and protein mass needed to balance the loss of resistance of the yarn;
- Protects the hair fiber against the action of free radicals, originating from pollution and UV radiation.

How to Use:
Apply Biomimetic Shield to damp hair immediately after using shampoo;
Distribute evenly, gently massaging wick by wick or using a wide-toothed comb;
Leave to stand for 5 minutes and rinse normally;
Dry 100% hair, with brush and drier;
Finish as you wish;
For a more effective result, finalize with a board in temperatures between 200 and 230 ° C (390 to 440 ° F).

01 - Biometric Shielding 500g;