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Black Tinting Scandalous Argan Monoi Oil Blondes Mask 250g - Maria Escandalosa


Maria Escandalosa Black Scandalous Mask for blond hair, has a system for blond hair, gray or with wicks, leaving them with a orange pearly tone. It consists of active principles that treat the damaged hair by the process of discoloration, and prevents the rubber. It contains in its composition an essential amino acid blend that promote a quick reconstruction in the hair fiber, treats and restores the lost mass, neutralizing the unwanted yellow. It has exclusive formulation with micropigments and micro particles of semi permanent pigments, sunflower oil and keratin.

*It is recommended to mix the Black Scandal with a white mask or cream, in the 1: 1 proportion, or the way you want.

How to Use:

Wash the hair with deep cleaning shampoo. Remove part of the humidity from the hair with a towel. With gloves, apply the Black Scandalous Mask on the clean hair by evenly distributing the product. Let it act 3 to 10 minutes. When you reach the desired tone, rinse well and dry.


-01 Maria Escandalosa Black Scandalous Mask 250g