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Blindagem Hair Shielding ReparAge Tamariliz Refill Bio Mask 400g - Forever Liss

Shielding Mask Forever Liss with sustainable packaging is the perfect option for you who care about our planet, purchasing our Refill you reduce by 78% less plastic in the Environment than a common packaging. And still takes the same product with more economy for your pocket and the planet. The Capillary Shielding Mask promotes intensive repair and biomimetic fiber shielding. Formulation rich in Amino Acid complex, Tamariliz®, Keratin, Castor Oil and D'Panthenol®. This blend of actives is rich in proteins and vitamins, has an antioxidant, film-forming, disciplining and smoothing action on the hair cuticle. It replenishes all the nutrients lost by chemical processes, leaving the hair loose, soft and shiny. Enters the Rebuild step in the Capillary Schedule and is released to Low Poo.

Indicated for all types of hair, mainly chemically treated and damaged.

Tamariliz®: The formation of a sealing film on the cuticles promotes more resistance to the hair, giving continuous homogeneity for shine and softness.

Castor Oil: Powerful antioxidant, with anti-inflammatory effect, among many other benefits. It contains vitamin E, minerals and vitamins that aid in growth, strengthening hair and preventing hair loss.

D’ Panthenol: Moisturizes the threads leaving them soft, silky and with an intense shine.

Keratin: Helps in the internal and external reconstruction of the hair, providing strength and structure to the hair.

Intensive repair
fiber shielding
Replenish nutrients

How to use:
01. Right after washing the hair, apply the capillary shield on the still damp strands, spreading along the entire length.
02. Massage lock by lock by gloving.
03. Leave to act for 5 minutes and rinse until the product is completely removed.
04. Dry your hair 100% with a brush and blow dryer.
05. Finish with a board in thin locks, avoiding temperatures above 200º C (or 390ºF).

Silky hair, protected from heat, sun and sea water sources.

01 - Shielding Mask Refill Forever Liss 400g.