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Blond Platinum Toning Matte Anti Yellow Deep Moisturizing 500ml - Richée

by Richée

Blond Platinum Matte by Richée Professional was developed to neutralize the yellow tone of the hair, restoring it and returning the desired radiant platinum color.
Exclusive formula with Monoi and Tahiti oil obtained by macerating the petals of Tiaré flowers (highly moisturizing, which penetrates into the hair fiber), repairing the wire from the cortex to the cuticle, Amino acids and Jabuticaba Extract, effective nutrients to treat and recover the hair, making it shiny, soft and healthy.

Tinting conditioner for blond and bleached hair. Neutralizes yellowish and enhances brightness. It has a highly moisturizing formula that penetrates the fiber and repairs the cortex and cuticle, leaving hair with an incredible silver tone, as well as shiny and soft.

How to Use:
After the coloring or discoloration process, apply the mask strand by strand. Leave to act until reaching the desired platinum tone and rinse thoroughly.

-01 Richée Blond Platinum Matte 500ml