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Blond Rescue Color Maintenance Softness Shine Hair Treatment Kit 2x1L - MAB

by MAB
Treatment kit for blonde hair. Mark Antony MAB Kit by Biaggi Blond Rescue Duo Salon restores while preserving color, shine and soft touch. It maintains the perfect tone and the health of the wires.

Marco Antônio MAB Kit by Biaggi Blond Rescue Duo Salão has hydrating, nourishing and antioxidant assets that repair possible damage to the fiber, while protecting future wear.

Bamboo Extract: provides deep hydration and helps in hair regeneration.

White Tea: powerful antioxidant that protects the hair from the action of free radicals, which cause fading, in addition to yellowing the tone.

Hidrahair Sphere: gradually releases vitamin microspheres essential to damaged hair fiber. It manages to treat the wires by providing a new structure for them, in addition to ensuring optimal nutrition.

Salt-free formula.

How to Use:
Apply shampoo on damp strands and massage into scalp until foam appears. Rinse and then repeat the process.

Then, apply conditioner on the ends and lengths, spread well through the locks and let it act for 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

-01 MAB Marco Antônio by Biaggi Blond Rescue - Shampoo 1000ml: washes while restoring, hydrating and maintaining color. Ensures more shine and softness.
-01 MAB Marco Antônio by Biaggi Blond Rescue - Conditioner 1000ml: seals the cuticles for more luminosity, nourishes, restores and protects.