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Bonita por Natureza Curls Curly Wavy Hair Vegan Treatment Kit 3x500ml - Yenzah

by Yenzah

Shampoo - sulfate-free shampoo for daily use that gently cleanses curls, leaving them light and loose, but without drying.

Conditioner - conditioner with an intense hydration power that has anti-knot action, facilitating the slide of the fingers or comb during the bath. It softens and seals the cuticle, ensuring that the hair stays hydrated for longer.

Activator - defines waves for a long-lasting and natural finish, offering the lightness that wavy and curly strands need. It has an action that fights dryness and frizz, leaving the hair more beautiful, protected, with shine and softness.


• Gently cleanses and moisturizes curls;
• More shiny and sealed wires;
• Perfect definition and lasting;
• Free of salt, petrolatum, parabens and silicones.

Main assets and their benefits:

• Vegetable Collagen: collagen in its vegetable version is a strong ally for curly hair. It guarantees deep hydration, emollience and greater definition of curls. In addition, it has the power to repair and prevent breakage, which keeps the wires intact, soft, with controlled frizz and healthier looking.

• Rosehip: it is ideal for moisturizing dry or dry hair, which naturally curly hair is due to its spiral shape. It is rich in vitamins and omega 3 and 6, which makes it able to nourish the hair and make it more shiny, silky and less porous. Because it is a light extract, it also doesn't weigh on curly hair, which guarantees the desired volume of curls!

Indicated for wavy, curly and frizzy hair, but can be used by anyone who wants to ensure more hydrated and frizz-free hair.

Results: Soft, hydrated hair with controlled frizz.

Shampoo - 5.5
Conditioner - 4.0
Activator - 4.5

How to Use:
Apply to wet hair and massage well (with your fingertips, no nails, huh!) rinse and repeat if you think it's necessary.

After shampooing, apply a sufficient amount to the hair and let it act for a few moments. Rinse well.

With damp hair, apply a sufficient amount to the curls and finish as you prefer.

-01 Bonita por Natureza Curls Shampoo 500ml
-01 Bonita por Natureza Curls Conditioner 500ml
-01 Bonita por Natureza Curls Activator 500ml