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Deep Hair Mask Capillary Hair Professional Straightening 1kg - FioPerfeitto

Capillary Deep Hair Mask Perfect Wires is a treatment that completely recovers the hair mass, sealing the hair cuticles, completely eliminating the unwanted Frizz, and completely reduce the volume. It makes your hair very soft, shiny and very well hydrated. Its application is very easy and not to mention that it is more efficient than any hydration. It is a treatment that gives back to your hair the mass lost over time and your daily aggressions, such as wind, sun, hair, chemicals, hair and among others.

How to Use:
-After washing the hair with deep cleansing shampoo Perfect Wire remove excess water from the hair with the aid of a towel.
-Apply the Deep Hair Mask Perfect Wire in wet hair, let it act for 15 minutes;
-Take the excess in the lavatory only with water, then brush and plank.
-Finish as you wish.