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Deep Hair Mask Repair Line Sos 1kg - Perfect Liss

It was developed exclusively to repair the hair fiber and reduce the volume of hair. It is a product enriched with a complex of nutrients, amino acids and a Blend of 5 noble oils that cause a natural change in the yarn. Its action fills the hair fiber with replenishment of mass and allows the complete recovery of the damaged wires, acting where more the hair needs care forming a protective layer, maintaining the hydration and the sealing of the cuticle. An innovative treatment indicated to facilitate the work of professional hairdressers. PROTEIN REPAIR REDUCER offers a complete treatment for all types of hair. The result is a soft, shiny, healthy, hydrated hair for much longer with guaranteed effect in just 30 minutes.

How to Use:
-After washing the hair, dry 50% of the threads with a towel and divide it into 4 equal parts.
-Apply wick to the disciplining mask with the aid of a thin comb, leaving a break time of 30 minutes and may be longer depending on the structure of the wire.
-Given the break time, rinse your hair with plenty of water, dry and brush the strands by activating the intense glow and satiny touch.
-If you want a greater reduction of frizz, clip the hair in thin wicks 5 to 10 times with the board at 200 ° C (blond 180 ° C) always plucking more the root and less the tips.