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Brazilian Brush Healthy Smooth Organic Hair Progressive ProActive 1kg - Sphair

by Sphair

The ProActive Progressive Brush has deflating action for volume reduction, hair restructuring, shielding and hair straightening. Formulated with Keratin and Collagen, has exclusive intensive repair technology that aims to replenish nutrients, restore hair fiber and also has moisturizing and moisturizing properties, giving straight, sealed, soft and supple hair.

How to use:
On clean and dry hair, with the aid of a brush, apply the product half a centimeter from the root, strand by strand combing for better distribution of the product. Leave about 20 minutes on discolored or very porous hair and 50 minutes on virgin or resistant hair. Rinse.

- For discolored hair, apply the mask and let it act for about 5 minutes and rinse again.
- For hair with orange background, apply the red or copper toning mask leave for about 5 minutes and rinse again.
- For natural or dark hair, only rinse.
Thoroughly dry the hair with the aid of a hair dryer in the top-down position just aligning with your fingers. At the end of the process uses the racket brush.
To board in thin strands 5 to 7 times.
Optional: Apply a silicone spray before starting the process.
Note: The smooth effect will be gradual on hair whose hair is thicker because it is more waterproof. Break time between one application: about 15 days depending on the hair.

-1 Sphair Organic Treatment ProActive 1kg