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Extreme Smooth Alignment System Brazilian Coffee ST 1000ml - Naelly

by Naelly
Brazilian Coffee Naelly ST is an Extreme Smooth Alignment System, rich in protein, amino acids and Luna Matrix, a state-of-the-art active ingredient that acts on all phases of the cuticle and cortex, returning the natural shine and softness of the yarn.
It has in its formula the fantastic glycolic extract of coffee, cationic polymers and blend of organic amino acids that act deeply from the cuticle to the cortex; realigning, restructuring and revitalizing the wires, reducing porosity, creating a flexible protective film that provides body, mass and balance and a uniform and aligned surface, moisturized, soft and mirrored hair, and protection from the inside out due to the action of the Luna Matrix that deeply restores and protects against future chemical damage and aging wires.
Product for professionals.