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Brazilian Color Neutralizing 4 in 1 Color Treatment Mask 1L - Natureza Cosmetics


The Brazilian Color Neutralizing Mask was specially developed for hair that has gone through chemical treatments such as: relaxing, straightening, coloring and bleaching
tions. Its formula is enriched with mint extract, D-panthenol, keratin and a blend of proteins that work from the inside out of the hair, completely neutralizing the hair-modifying actives structures, depositing reconstructors and restoring the hair's natural structure. Perfect for the professional who needs to instantly neutralize the action of bleaching powder and any other type of chemical used in the hair.

HOW TO USE: After using any shampoo from the line Natureza Cosmetics, place a generous amount of Brazilian Color Neutralizing Mask in the palm of your hands and enluve the strands strand by strand. Let it act for 3 to 10 minutes, then rinse the hair completely. You can finish with the dryer and the board.

-01 Brazilian Color Neutralizing Mask 1L