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Brazilian D-tox Coconut Argan Oil Anti Frizz Hair Cream 250g - Maria Escndalosa


D-Tox Coconut Maria Scandalosa contains coconut extract, argan oil and a blend of silicones that reduce frizz and treat the hair, correcting flaws in damaged hair. Its exclusive formula repairs the hair fiber and promotes the natural sealing of the cuticle, softening, hydrating and restoring the natural flexibility of the wires.

Made with a blend of silicones that help reduce frizz and the powerful coconut oil, which in addition to promoting the sealing of the cuticles promotes intense hydration.

How to Use:
Wash hair 2X with anti-residue shampoo
Rinse the wires and dry 60% and apply the coconut detox throughout the hair extension, preserving 2 cm of the root
Take a 20 min break and rinse 50% of the product
Brush and seal with the help of the board at up to 450•f from 8 to 10X in thin strands
Finish as you wish

-01 Maria Escndalosa D-tox Coconut Cream 250g