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Brazilian Hair Treatment You Power Doses Kit 4x12g Ampoules - Richée

by Richée

Richée You was developed thinking about the different needs of the hair, to save the strands in all situations. It is a powerful and personalized treatment. You choose which benefit you want according to what your hair needs. Each Power Dose can be used individually or associated with your favorite Mask or Daily Conditioner, intensifying the treatment, providing even more effective effects and results.

Luminous Shine - Formulated with a high concentration of Semi di Lino, Keratin Vegetal and Panthenol, which provide instant shine, restoring the natural luminosity of the hair. It also provides softness and restoration of the threads, with long-lasting and vibrant action.

Nutrition and Hydration - Rich in actives that prevent dryness and provide maximum nutrition, ensuring extremely hydrated hair. Also recommended after straightening and progressive. High nutrition and emollience factor.

Tinting - Treat and neutralize yellowing quickly and effectively. Effects visible immediately after the first application, while restoring and nourishing the hair deeply.

Chemical Post and Color - For the treatment of hair after color, recovering damaged hair during the process. Effective treatment of hair fiber in its internal structure, from the cortex, providing hair regeneration and color protection.

How to Use:
1 - After washing your hair, remove excess moisture. Place a small amount of Power Dose on your palms.
2 - Rub until creamy foam. Apply to hair, from length to ends, massaging gently.
3 - Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse. Can be used as a Booster in Conditioner or Mask.

-01 Richée You Ampoule Luminous Shine 12g
-01 Richée You Ampoule Nutrition and Hydration 12g
-01 Richée You Ampoule Tinting 12g
-01 Richée You Ampoule Chemical Post and Color 12g