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Brute Strength Hair Supplement Mask 1 kg - Madamelis

The Brute Strength Mask is a moisturizing Hair Supplement suitable for all hair mainly for those looking for a healthy and fast growth of
hair. Mask focused on actives to promote strength, hydration and nutrition.

Prevents yarn breakage aiding growth. Immediate professional result, shielding the cuticles, giving softness, luster, silkyness and suppleness to the hair.

The accumulation of oiliness on the scalp causes a decrease in blood circulation which suffocates the hair bulb and does not let the hair grow from the inside out. With an efficient cleansing and a powerful combination of actives the Madamelis Brute Force line stimulates hair growth, fortifying and moisturizing the yarns leaving them extremely healthy.

Apart from proper cleansing it also has a protein system that all your hair needs to withstand external aggressions, mechanical and chemical processes.

Main Assets:
Wheyprotein - protein extracted from whey. It acts to guarantee the maintenance of the tissues of the protein network, making the hair stronger and ensuring that it will resist the aggressions caused by mechanical processes such as brushes, plank, babyliss and also external aggressions like sun and pollution.
Filcortex - recovery and immediate replacement of amino acids.
Creatine - Another essential element for amino acid replenishment Creatine is one of the proteins that make the difference in hair. The amino acid pool recovers the hair fiber and forms a protective barrier against external agents.
Coconut - repairs dry and damaged wires, since it has moisturizing and conditioning agents that improve the texture and malleability of the threads.

Hair Benefits:
- Accelerated Growth;
- Capillary Strengthening;
- Avoids the Fall;
- Moisturizes the Aged Yarns
- Intense Brightness;
- Sedimentation;
- Softness;
- Restores the health of the hair bulb.

How to use:
After washing with the Brush Strength Shampoo apply the Brush Strength Mask with the wet hair on every area of ​​the hair. Gently massage the wick to the wick and also the scalp. Let stand for 5 minutes. Rinse normally and finish as desired.

01 - Mask Force Brute 1kg - Madamelis