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Btox Orghanic Platinum Smooth Effect Btox Btx Argan Ojon Kit 3 Itens - Plancton


Plancton's BTX Orghanic Platinum is a btx that reduces hair volume from 70% to 100% of the strands. Easy to apply, has a sweet smell, and doesn't burn the eyes. It is a revolutionary treatment as it contains argan and macadamia oil. It deeply reconstructs the structure of the hair, restores the hair mass, returning the hair's natural shine and balance.

BTX PLATINUM Nutrition Shampoo by Plancton Professional, was developed to clean and treat hair before and after application of the BTX PLATINUM volume reducer. It provides cleaning and softness leaving a natural sensation, prolonging the platinum effect.

BTX PLATINUM Conditioner:
Plancton Professional's BTX PLATINUM Conditioner was developed to act as: conditioner, leave-in and defrizzer with thermal protection, leaving the cuticles sealed with reduced porosity of the wires, ensuring smoothness, shine and softness before and after application of the BTX PLATINUM volume reducer. causing a natural feeling. Prolonging the platinum effect.

Argan Oil, Ojon Oil, Violet Anti-Yellowing Agents (Toning Agents). This product does not contain formaldehyde.

How to Use:
- Wash your hair with the Btx Platinum Moisturizing Shampoo.
- After washing, apply the Btx Platinum Mask all over the wet hair area, starting at the nape of the hair strand by strand, from root to tip, respecting the space of 0.5 cm above the root;
- Comb until you notice uniformity in the application;
- Let it rest for 30 minutes on average and if the wire is resistant 60 minutes;
- Rinse with plenty of water normally and finish as you wish.
*Professional use product, we recommend application by a professional.

-01 Btox Orghanic Platinum Shampoo 250ml
-01 Btox Orghanic Platinum Conditioner 250ml
-01 Btox Orghanic Platinum Mask 300g