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Deep Hair Mask Azure Tinting Straightener Thermal Realignment Smoothing 500ml - Probelle


High-performance straightening. Developed with the highest technology and specially formulated with matting pigments that, in addition to minimizing the risk of color change in colored hair, intensify the color.

Formulation with very low molecular weight raw materials and consequently high penetration into the cortex promotes exceptional SMOOTH with antioxidant power.

Wash hair with deep cleansing shampoo and dry 80%.
Apply Deep Hair Mask leaving it to act for 30 to 90 minutes according to fiber resistance - The more resistant, the longer the exposure time.
After the pause time, rinse with water, removing 80% of the product.
Then dry, brush and board in thin strands for at least 8 times.
- It is extremely important to check the condition of the hair and perform the strand test, before applying the product. This is a standard procedure, which guarantees the efficiency of the treatment.
- INCOMPATIBLE with thioglycolate
- Hair with thioglycolate, to apply Deep Hair Mask only after a break time of 50 days.
- Deep Hair Mask is based on Hyaluronic Acid, INCOMPATIBLE with Thioglycolate and Henê.

1. Professional use product. We recommend that the product is applied by a Professional Hairdresser;
2. ALWAYS do the WICK TEST and TOUCH TEST, to check for product incompatibility and/or allergy to the hair and/or skin. If you have any reaction, DO NOT use the product;
3. If you have any irritation, injury or sensitivity on the scalp and/or the skin around the hair, DO NOT use the product.
4. We do NOT recommend the use in pregnant women, lactating women and children.

-01 Probelle Deep Hair Mask Azure Tinting Straightener 500ml