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Deep Hair Mask Deep Hair Mask Free Hair Volume Reducer Straightenign Treatment K10 1Kg - Onixx

by Onixx

Product eliminates Frizz from the hair, treating the hair. Suitable for all types of hair. Leaves hair with more shine and silkiness. Extends the smoothness of the wires.

Indicated for all types of hair, Deep Hair Mask Free treats, moisturizes and reduces volume.

Active: Seaweed Tannin Acid and K10 Complex

How to Use:
1- wash the hair with dilating shampoo as many times as necessary for the perfect opening of the cuticles.
2- Dry your hair 100%.
3- Apply the modifier gloss, spreading with a fine-tooth comb.
4- Pause for 40 minutes, for afro hair for 50 minutes.
5- Rinse the hair removing all the product, always keeping them aligned downwards.
6- Dry the hair, brush and flat iron at least 12 times on each very thin strand with the flat iron at a maximum of 200°C.

-01 1 Deep Hair Mask FREE K10 1KG - ONIXX BRASIL