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Straigtening Deep Hair Mask Orghanic High Performance Mask 300g - Plancton Professional


Plancton brings the Deep Hair Mask Orghanic Plancton, treatment for smooth effect of the wires for up to 3 months, with the latest technology. Deeply reconstitutes the hair structure, stimulates hair growth and improves hair elasticity. Easy to apply, smells sweet. It is a revolutionary treatment, as it contains argan oil and macadamia. Deeply reconstitutes the structure of the hair, replenishes the capillary mass, restoring the shine and the natural balance of the hair.

How to Use:

Wash the hair with anti-residue shampoo, without rubbing the scalp, rub only the strands; Dry 90% and apply Orghanic strand by strand, wait from one hour to an hour and a half; Rinse well; Brush your hair and flatten (iron the board) about 15 times each strand.
Note: If it is applied on blond hair, you can use a tinting afterwards.

-01 Plancton Deep Hair Mask Orghanic Moisturizing High Performance Formol Free Reducer Mask 300g