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Deep Hair Mask Orghanic Premium High Performance Hair Mask 1Kg - Plancton Professional


Deep Hair Mask Premium was developed to nourish, hydrate the wires and eliminate frizz. With its innovative formula based on blackcurrant, it seals the cuticles giving instant shine, not fading the color and slightly tinting the discolored threads.

Assets: Argan Oil, Tutano Oil, Abyssinian and Ceramides

How to use:
1. Wash your hair with neutral shampoo
2. Dry 90% and apply Bottox strand by strand, from root to tip, starting from the nape to the top of the head, respecting the space 0.5 above the root. The pause of the product in the hair varies according to the resistance of the hair 60 minutes on average for resistant hair, and 30 minutes for less resistant.
3. Rinse 50% to 100% according to the capillary structure.
4. Brush your hair and flatten (iron the board) about 10 times

-01 Plancton Deep Hair Mask Orghanic Premium Mask 1Kg