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Deep Hair Mask Straightening Replacement Recovery Treatment Deep Hair Mask Hair Mask 1Kg - Aloe

by Aloe
Deep Hair Mask Replacement of Aloe Cosmetics Hair Mass, recovers extremely damaged hair, with split ends and the weakest and lifeless. It replenishes the internal hair mass efficiently and lastingly. Prevents the aging of the hair fiber, recovering it from the inside out. It restores the hair's reconstructive molecules, and is also enriched with Ojon Oil, which reinforces the protective layers by forming a protective film or film on the hair shaft, making the hair shine and strength by neutralizing the negative charge present. in the hair. Result: soft and shiny hair without volume

How to use: After washing your hair, dry it well with a towel. Apply the Deep Hair Mask hair mass replenisher in thin strands and remove the excess with the aid of a comb. Let it act for 20-40 minutes, depending on the resistance of the wire. Remove the excess only with water and dry and brush the hair. Use the iron 10-15 times on each very thin strand. Then wait for the hair to cool and rinse if you prefer and dry normally.

-01 Deep Hair Mask Hair Mask 1Kg