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C.Kamura Blonde Vibrant Gloss-shampoo Whitening 315ml

C.Kamura Blonde Vibrant Gloss Shampoo illuminator for blond hair, dyed or wicked. Clean, restores the brightness and highlight the tone of the wires. C.Kamura Blonde Vibrant Gloss has a technological formula that promotes a dense and creamy foam. It is able to remove waste while helping to condition the wires.

C.Kamura Blonde Vibrant Gloss Restores the capillary fibers deeply. Thus, strength, resistance and nutrition are recovered. This powerful shampoo still adds hydration and aligns the cuticles, preserving capillary health and controlling both the frizz, and the color pigments. Your blonde with the color highlighted and with an incredible glow. Your hair clean, nourished and damage free.