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C.Kamura Defemizz Liss Effect-conditioner 315ml

C.Kamura Defrizz Liss Effect Conditioner for dry hair, rebels and with frizz. C.Kamura Defrizz Liss Effect Conditions and disagrees as your powerful formula promotes a lasting plain effect. Its conditioning assets control the volume while aligning and sealing the cuticles, ending with Frizz.
C.Kamura Defrizz Liss Effect provides hydration and nutrition, ensuring incredible brightness and recovering health. Your conditioned hair, easy to comb, hydrated and nourished. Its wires with a durable smooth effect, with the tamed and free volume of frizz!
Action Phytokeratin Technology: It is a keratin of vegetable origin that easily penetrates the cuticle and resets the proteins. So, with the response nutrition, health is recovered!