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C.Kamura Silver Bb Cream Hair 10-in-1- 200g Capillary Treatment

C.Kamura Silver BB Cream Hair 10-in-1 Multifunctional treatment 10 in 1 for blond hair. Keeping the health and color of the wires can be a great challenge if you have the light wires. Therefore, C. Kamura developed BB Cream Hair 10-in-1 Silver, which provides conditioning, treatment and finalization.

C. Kamura BB Cream Hair 10-in-1 Silver has a powerful formula that takes care of hair completely. Your functions are:

1. Intense conditioning.
2. Mascara neutralization The yellowish tones of the wires.
3. Extreme brightness to wires.
4. Cuticle sealing.
5. Antioxidant action.
6. Mass replacement.
7. Immediate restoration.
8. Silky touch.
9. Unpacking effect.
10. Prevention of double tips.