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Cacao Thermo Smoothing Anti Aging Kit 2x250ml - Portier

by Portier

Portier Cocoa Smoothing Treatment is a capillary alignment, it cleans, treats and moisturizes, leaving hair with volume and frizz controlled very naturally.
Excellent in Afro hair, it is compatible with any chemistry and hair type, having a durability of 3 to 6 months with the exception of its growth. The wires gain lightness, movement and a three-dimensional effect.

The action of the product has an effect of up to 3 months. It is possible that a reservation is made when special care is required and in a differentiated way to the threads.

In all types of hair, especially afros, curly, thick, dry and dehydrated.

Yes, Portier Cacao is compatible with all types of substances, guanidine, henne, staining, discoloration, thioglycollate, etalonin and sodium hydroxide. Always remember to check the health of the threads and perform the wick test before starting the process.

TIP - In blond hair, fragile and with previous chemical processes, one should take the precaution of always using the temperature of the reduced board in the sensitized parts due to the saturation of the wires.

How to Use:
Cuticle Opening:
1 - Wet the hair and apply the anti-waste shampoo rubbing well all over
the hair from the root to the tips avoiding to use the nail in the scalp. Rinse the yarn and repeat the application of the shampoo,letting act for a maximum of 20 minutes, checking the opening of the cuticles. Then rinse all hair and dry it 100% with dryer in hot air from root to tip.

Applying the Moisturizing Mask:
1 - Divide the hair into 4 parts.
2 - Start the application of the product, with the help of comb and brush in one of the parts passing the product in wicks, from the bottom up.
3 - After application in any hair, throw cold air drying from 80% to 100% so that there is evaporation of alcohol without causing discomfort.

1 - Divide the part applied in thin wicks, with the board, give a pre-dried in the root, hold the board, position the comb in front and descend from the root to the tips slowly, repeating this same process 3 times in the same wick.
2 - Do the same everywhere applied, or wick to be sealed.

Sealing Cuticles:
1 - For the sealing of the cuticles it is necessary a wide and a narrow board of good quality, high heating and that there is no opening in the closed positioning.
2 - Separating the fine wicks, pass two boards, one after the other to keep the hair warm, from root to tip, slowly for up to 15 times.
3 - Repeat the entire procedure on the rest of the hair, doing one part at a time.

Washing Wires:
1 - After sealing the cuticles throughout the hair, wait 5 minutes and wash the hair with shampoo and conditioner.
2 - Comb the hair and dry it with the aid of a hair dryer.

-1 Portier Cacao Anti-waste Shampoo 250ml
-1 Portier Cacao Moisturizing Mask 250ml