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Caffeine Progressive Brush Straightening Recovery Hair Treatment Kit 2x1L - Aloe

by Aloe
The Caffeine Aloe Cosmetics Treatment is ideal for sensitized or fragile hair!

Immediate hair recovery, thanks to the power of caffeine, which is an antioxidant, and aloe vera, which has a hair fiber recovery action. in addition, it provides a considerable reduction in volume. An easy-to-handle product that pleases even the most demanding professionals.

The Aloe Cosmetics Caffeine-Based Treatment has assets that treat the hair from the inside out. Its formulation is enhanced by aloe vera that helps to heal the threads and have an anti-ageing effect. Caffeine works from the inside out, regenerating the hair strands providing greater vitality, shine and resistance. hair remains treated for longer thanks to the power of argan oil and other vitamins in the composition.

Active ingredients:
Caffeine (hair growth)
Aloe vera (strengthening hair)
Silicone (shine and softness)

How to use: Apply the Aloe Cosmetics Caffeine-Based Treatment with the help of a brush, a small amount of product (one centimeter from the scalp) lock by lock and comb for a better use of the product. let it act for 10 to 15 minutes and then dry the hair, without rinsing. pass the board in very thin strands for 6-10 times each. wait for it to cool and if you prefer wash your hair and apply a light conditioner.

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