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Aloe Hydratation water with Brazilian Nut Oil for Hair Livealoe


Full Recover of your Hair Strength and Nutrition
Eclipta alba and Moringa oleifera
Rosemary & Lavender Essential Oil
100% Natural Ingredients
47.2% Organic Ingredients
Vegan Product
210 mL


The harmony of the active Aloe vera, Watercress (Eclipta Alba), Moringa (Moringa oleifera), Rosemary and Lavender strengthens, renews and restores vitality to the hair.

Indication: Weak and brittle hair.

Fashion to use: Apply to damp or dry hair. Massage gently and allow to act for 20 minutes. Then use the Livealoe Hair Strengthening Line. Apply two to three times a week.

Product Actions:
Remineralizes, nourishes, moisturizes and tones the scalp;
• Has anti-inflammatory, healing and antiseptic action;
• High concentration of antioxidants from Noni, Aloe vera and Rosemary;

Usage Tips:
• For treatment of scalp (people with problems with falls, dandruff, seborrhea, psoriasis) with dirty hair, apply a good amount, which leaves the hair wet, massage the skin for 20 minutes. Wash the hair normally. By adding essential oils, you enhance the fortifying action.
In this mode of use, it is intended to strengthen the scalp which is usually weakened due to lack of vitamins and minerals. In addition, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and healing actives will help in cases where there is any wound or contamination by microorganisms such as fungi.
• For protection of yarn and leather after chemical processes, apply as above. Here the function is to enable the antioxidant action does not allow the chemistry to damage the hair, maintaining its vitality by eliminating free radicals.
• For styling the strands: With clean (dry or wet) hair, apply a small amount to the styling strands • It is an excellent neutral base for aromatherapy.

Aloe vera, Eclipta Alba and Moringa are grown organically in the same place where they are processed ensuring fresh and enriched raw materials.

Free from parabens, petrochemicals, alcohol, formaldehyde, animal derivatives, fragrance and synthetic dye. Not tested on animals.

Chemical Composition: Aloe barbadensis Gel * (Aloe vera Gel), Eclipta alba Leaf Extract * (Marsh Cress Extract), Moringa oleifera Leaf Extract * (Moringa Leaf Extract), Allium cepa Extract * (Onion Extract), Rosmarinus officinallis Oil ** (Lavender Essential Oil), Lavandula officinallis Oil ** (Lavender Essential Oil) Xylityl sesquicaprylate ** (Xylitol Caprylic Ester). Ingredients: * Organic ** Natural.