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Cauter Repair Protein Reconstruction Capillary Bioplasty Step 2 500ml - Nuance

by Nuance

Bioplasty Reconstruction Nuance is nothing but a Keratin and Protein Spray that fights rubber, porosity and breakage. It was developed to replace all lost protein over time and by chemical processes to reach 90% of the natural hair fiber, providing the wires with a load of keratin and protein, developing elasticity. Recomposes the entire structure of the hair, leaving hair stronger and revitalized.

How to Use:
Wash your hair with Bioplasty Shampoo to leave it clean and without greasy residue. With damp hair spray the Cauter Repair Nuance the length of the tips, let it act around 10 minutes. Then without rinsing, apply the Nuance Bioplasty Extreme Mask, wrap to ensure that the hair absorbs all nutrients and effectively penetrates the hair fiber. Rinse and finish as desired.

01 Cauter Repair Nuance Keratin Protein Spray 500ml