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Capillary Butter Intensive Hydration and Nourishing Mask 950g - La Bella Liss


The Bella Liss Butter Hair Nourishing Mask will leave your hair revitalized from root to tip, hydrated with depth and much more shiny! The Butter Hair mask acts quickly and effectively on your hair, leaving it just like melted butter. Cocoa, mango and shea butters act deeply on the capillary structure leaving your hair hydrated and nourished to the fullest! It delivers hair salon results without leaving the house!

The mega nutritious line has arrived to revolutionize your hair treatment. Your hair will be stronger, nourished and super soft! The line is suitable for all types of hair, with or without chemical. The products are also released for Low Poo and free of petrolatum. 

How to Use:
With your hair sanitized, apply the Hair Butter nutrition mask in order to glove all the strands. If necessary, use a cap to enhance the action of the product. Pause for 5 to 10 minutes, rinse the hair thoroughly and finish as usual.

-01 La Bella Liss Hair Butter Mask 950g