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Capillary Jelly Intense Shine Ultra Moisturizing Mask 250g - Maria Escandalosa


Maria Escandalosa Capillary Jelly recoves damage caused by chemical processes and environmental assaults like wind, sun and rain. Rebuilds the vunerable areas while returning the collagen, leaving the wires with controlled volume, without frizz and intense glow.

Keratin retains hydration within the fiber for much longer and stimulates the production of collagen by the cells for rejuvenated wires, with more brightness.

How to Use:

After washing the hair, divide into 4 equal parts and apply the Capillary Jelly strand by strand. Let it act for 15 minutes. After the pause time, rinse the hair by removing all the product to end up as you wish.


-01 Maria Escandalosa Capillary Jelly 250g