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Capillary Schedule Reconstruction Nutrition Hydration Masks 3x500g - Alkimia

by Alkimia

ABS Repair - Reconstruction
Repairs in depth and nourishes the devitalized fiber. Triple action program for very damaged hair. Brightens, repairs and deeply nourishes the most sensitive areas.

Nutricoco - Nutrition
Nutri Coco is a luxurious line with coconut oil, which nourishes deeply, promotes shine and enriches the hair leaving it five times more silky, without weighing.

Aloe Vera - Hydration
Its formula features extracts of aloe vera, silicone and amino acids that promote super moisturizing action, rejuvenating and helping in the healthy growth of the hair. Indicated for curly and dull hair.

How to Use:
Moisten the hair and apply the Mask on thin strands. Glove, massaging quickly until you feel a slight heating of the wires. Rinse thoroughly with cold water. Finish by drying your hair without brushing, to check the result obtained by the treatment.

-01 Alkimia ABS Repair Mask 500g
-01 Alkimia Nutricoco Mask 500g
-01 Alkimia Aloe Vera Mask 500g