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Cassava Mandioca Moisturizing Shine Softness Treatment Leave-in 300ml - Secrets

by Secrets

Leave-in for all types of hair, dull and dry. Secrets Professional Cassava Leave-in protects while moisturizing, giving shine and softness. Finishes the look by helping to style the hair.

Secrets Professional Cassava Leave-in keeps hair hydrated throughout the day. It is enriched with actives that makes hair stronger and helps in growth.

Cassava and Semi di Lino: high wetting and hydrating power of the threads.

Therapeutic Herbs and Amino Acids: strengthens hair and helps hair growth.

How to use:
Apply the Leave-in in the palm of your hands and spread along the entire length of the hair, wet or dry. Let it dry naturally or finish with a hairdryer or flat iron. No rinse.

Hair with hydration and hydration maintained and protected, soft and shiny.

-01 Cassava Leave-in 300ml