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Cicatritoxx Capillary Plastic BB Cream 10 in 1 300ml - Plancton Professional


Cicatritoxx is a Capillary Plastic that works with and without rinsing. Its benefits come from babassu oil, macadamia, argan and abyssinia, delivering lightness to the hair, velvety touch and uniform appearance. In addition, it provides deep hydration giving life to the hair. Cicatritoxx is an innovative product that came to revolutionize the way you deal with your hair.

How to Use:
1. Apply to damp hair after washing and let it dry naturally;
2. After washing with a shampoo, use it as a capillary mask, allowing it to act for a few minutes and rinse it off;
3. Apply before the brush or board to protect the wires;
4. Use as a finisher after brushing or sealing with the board.

-01 Plancton Cicatritoxx Capillary Plastic 300ml