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Clinic Repair System Keratin Reconstructor Treatment 200ml - Richeé

by Richée
Richée Professional's Clinic Repair System line was developed to hydrate, protect and restore hair from cumulative damages from environmental pollution, oxidizing action, chemical processes and other aggressions to the threads. Formulated with cereal nanospheres, proteins from apple, peach, ginseng, Jojoba oil, tomato oil, multivitamins A, E, and B complex.

At the same time as it rescues the resistance of the hair fiber, it protects against the heat damage of the hair dryer and plaque by sealing the protective cuticles, for a lasting brightness effect and incomparable softness.

Hydrolyzed keratin: reduced particles that penetrate deeper and more specific layers of yarn to strengthen damaged areas and restore hair vitality

How to Use:
After washing the hair, remove excess water and sprinkle the treatment on the length and ends of the hair and follow with the brushing and plank. Do not rinse.