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Cocoanut Hydrating Leave-in Coconut and Monoi Oils Dry Hair Finisher 1L - Anjore

by Anjore

The Leave-in Cocoanut was developed to wrap the wires in a special film that revitalizes, nourishes the hair fiber and protects hair against heat tools at the highest temperatures.

The Hydrating Leave-in can be used on all types of hair, indicated for replacement of proteins, water and nutrients. Formula developed with coconut oil (cocnut oil), to hydrate, replenish mass, return water and protect the strands against the aggressions of free radicals, providing shine to the hair and promoting perfect hydration, with exceptional conditioning.

Its assets penetrate the deeper layers of the hair fiber and replenish the nutrients lost due to the aggressions caused by chemical processes and daily aggressions. With emollient agents, its formula recovers the soft touch and shine of the threads, with the sealing of the protective cuticles.

Coconut Oil and Monoi: protects the hair fiber from external damage, while preserving hydration, softness and shine for longer.

How to use:
Apply a small amount of the product on your hands and spread it on clean, damp hair. Brush and plank if desired. Can be used with or without rinsing.

-01 Anjore Cocoanut Hydrating Leave-in Coconut and Monoi Oils Finisher 1L