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Coffee Green Brazilian Hair Treatment 1L - Honma Tokyo


Coffee Green is a capillary reconstruction system that in addition to reconstructing, it disciplines and repairs the hair strands from the inside out. Its formula is enriched with Green Coffee and Mint Extract, carefully selected to achieve synergy with the Cysteine content and to provide strong and resistant hair. It has an exclusive Vaníliplastia action that replenishes vitamins, fatty acids and amino acids, increasing the shine and thoroughly hydrating the hair, as well as having anti-ageing properties, which prevents premature ageing of the strands.

This product is “formaldehyde” free.

- Without washing your hair, split it into four sections and apply the disciplinary lotion 1 cm away from the roots, aligning the hair. Leave it on hair for 40-90 minutes.
-Rinse thoroughly until all product has been removed.
-Comb well and straighten small sections of hair.